Island Grown Recipe: Blueberry Compote

Farmers Market, June 26: Say the Secret Word and Save!

The Wednesday farmers market is back, and we’re extending our Secret Word promotion: Just say the word “Stuttgarter” to take $1 off a bunch of spring onions! We’re at the market outside Grange Hall from 9 a.m. to… Read More

Cheese Spotlight: Morbier-Style Ashbrook from Vermont

Some of our favorite European-style cheeses come from Spring Brook Farm in Reading, Vermont, Their Reading is an excellent expression of the Raclette style, while Spring Brook Tarentaise is inspired by the French cheese Abondance. And then there’s… Read More

Island Grown Recipe: Strawberry Vinaigrette

From the very first year of the Island Grown Harvest of the Month program, this simple recipe is provided in both the English and Brazilian Portuguese languages:

Strawberry Festival is this Saturday, June 22!

Strawberry season is at its peak, and the Morning Glory Farm Strawberry Festival is our annual celebration of the crop that gives so much joy. Food, family and fun are the other themes of the day, which this… Read More

Island Grown Recipe: Mixed Berry Soup

Cheese Platters, at Last!

Customers have often asked if we could create cheese platters for them. This year, the answer is yes! Cheesemonger Ross Sabee now creates sumptuous platters for 18-25 guests including four cheeses and one meat, or five cheeses if… Read More

Recipe: Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Fresh Fruit Sauce

This recipe was contributed by Vineyard Nutrition for our book Morning Glory’s Farm Food: Stories from the Fields, Recipes from the Kitchen.

How Did Strawberries Get Their Name?

Why do we call strawberries “strawberries”? Many researchers have worked on where the name came from, with no definitive answer. Top contenders are: The fruits were packed in straw to prevent bruising. The plants are covered with straw… Read More

Farm Recipe: Strawberry Shortcake

Red, ripe and fragrant strawberries, fresh from the field, are our first choice for this classic summer dessert.