Almond croissant and French Vanilla coffee

Our baking program took a giant step forward last month with the arrival of a Doyon Artisan stone deck oven that can bake three separate batches at once. Our bakers are thrilled, and our customers are already noticing the difference as we turn out more and better yeast breads and pastries for the farmstand and our bread CSA.

We traded vegetables for Rosewater’s oven

This Canadian-made oven formerly belonged to Rosewater in Edgartown, whose owner Julia Tarka kindly agreed to trade it to us for Morning Glory Farm produce this summer. Ever since it arrived, we’ve kept it going day and night! And we also took the opportunity to rearrange the entire bakery to accommodate our year-round, daily production schedule. Get ready for Morning Glory bread like you’ve never seen before!

This is a great time to join our yeast bread CSA. We have half and full six-week shares available, and our bakers love to send out something special every week. Vegetable CSA subscriptions are also available with our Farm Share.

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