Assistant manager Ally Ferland at the farmstand in April, 2021

Ally (Alexandra) Ferland joined Morning Glory Farm on the brink of summer 2020, and this year was promoted to second in command to farmstand manager Suzy Crowley.

“I love everything about the job,” says Ally, who grew up in Edgartown and attended Island schools before earning a bachelor’s degree in natural resource conservation at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

And when she says “everything,” she means it. Making coffee, unloading delivery trucks, working the register, guiding customers — you’ll see Ally all over the farmstand in the course of a typical day, doing “anything and everything where I can help and assist.”

After working both off and on the Island, Ally was looking for something new when she saw our help-wanted ad last spring and decided to give Morning Glory a chance.

“It’s so community driven here, which I feel is so rare nowadays,” she says. “Everyone’s goal is to build up the community and support one another.”

Particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ally says, it’s meaningful to her to work in an environment that’s focused around wholesome eating.

“Getting to work in such a healthy environment is nice,” she says. “And I love working with such a fun group of people.”

Ally has signed up for Morning Glory’s CSA farm share and is looking forward to a summer of cooking, paddle boarding and beach trips with her pooch, when she’s not helping the farmstand run smoothly.

“Every day is something different,” she says with a smile.