Arethusa Blue: Packed with flavor, this firm blue is crafted in the English farmhouse tradition.

Martha’s Vineyard has The Grey Barn, and Litchfield, Conn. has Arethusa Farm. These two dairies produce very different cheeses, but their stories have some elements in common.

In each case, a couple purchased a former dairy farm and brought it back to production, pampering their cows and creating the award-winning cheeses we’ve been featuring at the farmstand.

Today we’re spotlighting some of the outstanding cheeses of Arethusa Farm.

Bella Bantam: Buttery, milky and mild, this cheese is delightful for snacking.

Arethusa’s camembert is rich and creamy, and holds well over time.

George Malkemus and Anthony Yurgaitis — respectively, the president and vice-president of Manolo Blahnik in the U.S.  — bought Arethusa Farm in 1999 to preserve the 131-year-old property from development.

“We didn’t know yet how we would use it, but couldn’t bear the thought of Litchfield losing that open space,” the couple write on the Arethusa Farm website. “Before long, it became apparent that the farm should once again be a dairy, as it had been for over a hundred years.”

Today Arethusa Farm produces not only cheeses but milk, butter, sour cream, yogurt, eggnog and ice cream, sold in its own retail shops in nearby Bantam and New Haven. Also in Bantam, Arethusa operates both a farm-to-table restaurant and a café showcasing the farm’s dairy products. The Arethusa cheeses we carry are all made with pasteurized milk.

On your next trip to the Morning Glory farmstand, ask our cheesemonger for a sample of the Bella Bantam and find out why the folks at Arethusa say it has “comforting aromas of fresh, buttered popcorn!Photos courtesy of Arethusa Farm.