Coming of Age

Morning Glory Farm is a place that captures that magical moment of coming of age and anybody who comes to the farm can feel it. Whether you are a wholesale customer, a summer visitor, or a year round resident, part of the allure of Morning Glory is the energy of the people working the farm. Kids come out of high school or college, adults find their way there for a “temporary” job and end up staying. Some of the lessons learned are about working together, not being afraid of getting your hands dirty, and the difference between a “want” and a “need”. The Athearn’s lead by example and seem to be able to quietly instill a sense of trust and respect in/for each member of their “farm family”. The assumption is that everybody will do the best they can and jump in to help with whatever task is asked of them. Debbie makes sure to acknowledge every birthday and one year went out of her way to call me at home and wish me a “happy birthday”. The camaraderie of the farm family extends to after work. Some summer workers live upstairs in dorm style rooms, some live elsewhere as roommates. Any given day/night, we make plans with one another to attend dances, lectures, concerts, parties, trips to the beach, after work get togethers, birthday celebrations, etc. Annually, the Athearn’s host a farm beach party, talent show, Christmas party, cookout and whatever other celebrations arise. It is like being part of a really large family; there are different personalities and views, but we all work together in a happy rhythm and are always there in support of each other. For me, I know it is a moment in time and I cherish the fact that I got to come of age at Morning Glory Farm in my mid forties.

Marit Bezahler,
Cheesemonger, Morning Glory Farm