Composting is closed until April, 2019. Please do not bring compost until April: We are full up, and there will be no room for more until the current mass has broken down over the winter. Thanks to everyone who took part in the composting program this year!

Our compost heap is generally open daily from dawn to dusk and is monitored by security cameras. Here are the rules:

Allowable Materials:

Grass clippings

Hay: Cut and remove bale strings

Hedge prunings: Less than ¼” Diameter only

Kitchen trimmings



Sawdust and shavings

Weeds and plant residue

Special Materials Also Allowed:

Sand: Put aside for road use

Sod: Put in topsoil pile

Topsoil: Put in topsoil pile

Woodchips: Put in woodchip pile


Bricks, blocks, rocks

Broken rake handles

Brush: No woody material larger than ¼” diameter. Partially rotten sticks raked up with leaves OK up to ¾” diameter.

Metal, soda cans


Please dump as close to the pile as possible. Don’t spread out your loads. Thank you.

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