Island artist and longtime Moglo staffer Amy Hahn makes our vegetable signs by hand.

All over the farm, we’re getting ready for our spring reopening May 3. Some of the tasks are not much to talk about: sanitizing plant trays and farm equipment, for instance. But other jobs get us a bit more excited:

In the greenhouse, Chloe has already seeded basil, violas and pansies for spring plant sales. She’s also planted her popular strawberry pots with six different varieties of strawberry. By Mother’s Day (May 12), they’ll look like the ones in this picture, with blooms and fruit that will ripen in June.

Chloe Nelson plants strawberry pots in the greenhouse—they’ll look like this by Mother’s Day.

Chloe has also been tending our tomato seedlings in the grow room, and she reports that the first crop of field lettuce has been seeded as well.

Chloe watering tomatoes in the grow room.

In the office, Martha’s Vineyard artist Amy Hahn—you’ve seen her greeting cards in our farmstand and at Cronig’s, among other Island retailers—is readying a new set of illustrated vegetable signs with her original hand-painted illustrations. Like Chloe, Amy is a longtime Moglo employee who has really made her mark on the way we do things here.

Also making their marks are Robbie Williams and Ryan Hassell, who joined the field staff in 2018 and have been painting and varnishing the farmstand’s wooden fixtures this month. The whole place will be bright and fresh when we reopen.

A man painting a table in an empty farmstand
Robbie carefully edges the produce table with green paint.

As May 3 draws ever nearer, we’ll keep updating our progress on Fridays and posting the blog daily, with recipes, photos, videos, flashbacks and breaking farm news. Just scroll down on just about any page of our website to find the latest posts.

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