morning glory farm january 14

Our store as it has been for the last 31 years, this front part is the oldest piece.

The 2/3 of the current store will be carried off for use as employee housing up by our blueberry field.

The other 1/3 the “corn room” will remain as will all the buildings behind it.

morning glory farm inside store

It feels so large when totally empty, allot of feet have scampered across those floorboards.

morning glory farm store inside

morning glory farm store from south january 10

deca construction at morning glory farm

Jim Glavin and the team at DECA Construction from Tisbury will be doing much of the work.  Dad, Mom, Dan, Meg,  Simon and a couple farmers and cooks that stayed on will all be involved in the building.

work begins at morning glory farm

The crew has begun!  Wish us good luck and good weather.  Check back for updates on the progress.

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