I attended the job expo at my alma mater Southern New Hampshire Culinary Institute this week in hopes of recruiting new cooks and bakers.  SNHU has greatly expanded since I was a student there.  MGF has hosted one culinary intern in the bakery and hopes to attract more.  Students can work on a ‘coop’ or ‘internship’, as a paid learning experience for the summer in between their two years of culinary school.

Morning glory has two kitchens; the bakery and the kitchen.  The Bakery built into our vegetable barn started in 1987 to do something with all that extra zucchini, hence zucchini bread.  The Zuke bread has become one of our most popular items at the farm.   The bakery has grown quite a bit aver the last 20 years and we now bake 24hrs a day and produce; yeast breads, muffins, quiche, pies, sweet treats, jellies, pickles, granola, trail mix etc.  A very busy bakery expertly managed by our own Jody Drake, a superb baker and 12 year bakery veteran.  Much of our bakery success is placed at her feet. 

The Farm Kitchen is ‘across the hall’  adjacent to the bakery a stand alone production area.  Here the cooks maintain about the best salad bar on the planet.  We daily use the wealth of produce coming in from the field to make a very fresh salad bar, with many scrumptious additions.  They make one or two soups daily and have a cultish following of people who appreciate the quality and creativity that flows from their knives.  Chef Judy Klumick has embraced the use of a constantly changing supply from the farm and turns those items into, side salads, spreads and salsas, carry out dinners, and oh those delicious soups.  Judy’s creativity always keeps us guessing and salivating on what is coming out next.  Due to her unbelievable success we expanded her kitchen 250% in 2008. 

We daily post our soup and specials on our homepage so you can see whats cooking.  If you come by this season stop in the salad bar and peer into the bakery through our window and see litterly whats cooking.   We take pre orders every day and are a smart idea to get an order in for our pies, they go quick.