Kombucha on Tap at the Farmstand

Coffee, tea or kombucha?

This year our farmstand is offering a wider choice of refreshing drinks with the arrival of a new kombucha tap from Aqua ViTea of Middlebury, Vt. Aqua ViTea makes an assortment of raw, organic kombucha flavors including blood orange, hibiscus ginger lime and turmeric. You can fill a bottle or growler of your choice right from the tap. We also have pre-bottled Aqua ViTea kombucha in our dairy case. Read More

Look What’s Happening in the Greenhouse!

Take a peek behind our greenhouse doors to see what we’ve got growing: Read More

Tractor Tuesday: Simon’s Favorite Ford

ford 5600 tractor with kids
ford 5600 dan tractor

Dan drives the 5600. Photo by Alison Shaw.

Ford 5600 tractorPurchased for $12,000 in Westminster, Mass. in 2000, the Ford 5600 was big enough to pull the third bottom on our our plow and has been a fine runner for us. It has a block heater, so it becomes a easy choice in the winter as it will start if plugged in. Read More

Watch: Our Epic Movie Trailer

We open one week from today! Here's how excited we are. #movie #trailer #marthasvineyard #2017

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For more photos and videos from the farm, please visit our Instagram gallery at instagram.com/morninggloryfarmmv. 

We’re Opening May 5! But Will There Be Asparagus?

These are exciting days on Meshacket Road as we ready the farmstand for another year. Read More

Here’s Our Fastest Ford Tractor

Ford 3600 tractor.

We bought this quiet little diesel from fellow Martha’s Vineyarder Allen Norton. It’s handy for a lot of vegetable jobs like seeding and cultivation, a favored tractor for the tine weeder and it often works the bed former, making beds for crops like lettuce, greens, carrots, beets and more. Read More

Frying Oil Fuels This Ford Tractor

The Ford 4600 after its biofuel conversion.

Our main tillage tractor from 1984 to 2000 was given a biofuel conversion by Vineyard Alternative Auto under a Vision Fellowship grant to encourage sustainable farm practices on Martha’s Vineyard. It can run on pure used fryer oil — biodiesel is not required. Read More

Watch This Ford Tractor Arm a Medieval Siege Engine


Our Ford 3000 tractorEvery autumn, we celebrate the harvest with our Pumpkin Festival. It’s a day of fun on the farm with pumpkin games, live music, fresh food, family hayrides and, out in the fields, our famous trebuchet launching pumpkins into the air. Based on a weapon of siege warfare that originated in the Middle Ages, our trebuchet is strictly for fun — but it takes a great deal of force to pull back the throwing arm.

That’s where this tractor comes in. Read More

Meet Morning Glory’s First Tractor: The 1949 Ford 2N

Ford 2N tractorWe purchased our very first tractor in 1973, for $700 from a farmer in New Boston, Mass. It saw heavy use cultivating corn, beans and peas before our purchase of a larger two-row cultivator in 2004. These days, the Ford 2N often runs the sickle bar mower for small mowing jobs or for harvesting corn stalks. It’s so light, we can haul it in the back of the farm truck. And it’s great for pulling the hayride wagon at our festivals.

Model 2N
Brand Ford
Engine  2.0L 4-cylinder
Fuel gasoline
Year 1949
HP 23 PTO, 22 drawbar
Special tools not independent clutch

Going for a hayride with the Ford 2N tractor.

The Ford 2N tractor in autumn.

Meet the fleet:

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2017 First Peas to the Table Contest

First Peas poster 2017

Be the Queen Pea, or King Pea!

Did you plant peas this spring? The first person to bring us a measured cup of mature shelled peas will be crowned winner of our fourth annual First Peas to the Table contest.

Bring your peas to the farmstand manager and if you are the winner, you will receive a $50 Morning Glory gift certificate plus a voucher for a free trip to the salad bar, and Meg Athearn will make you a delicious pea risotto using your peas! We will crown you and place the honorary sash upon you, and take a photo for our archives.

First Peas winner 1

2014 winner of our First Peas contest: Deborah Colter of Edgartown

Tom-first peas 15 winner

2015 and 2016 winners: Christine Gault (not pictured) and Tom Hodgson of West Tisbury

This contest was not our original idea. Thomas Jefferson and his farming neighbors near Monticello used to vie for the first peas every spring, with the winner hosting the rest of his competitors for a fine dinner.

But the Morning Glory contest is making its own kind of history: This year’s Fedco Seeds listing for the shell pea variety named Topps reads, in part, “In West Tisbury, MA, Tom Hodgson and Christine Gault shelled their first Topps on June 8 and won the Morning Glory Farm First Peas contest.”

That’s Tom smiling in victory in the photo above. He and Christine have won our contest for the past two years. Will they be unseated in 2017? Only time will tell.