Fall Hours Start Friday

Fall Hours Start Friday

Squash Quiz Answer Page

Here are the answers to our squash quiz:1. Butternut
2. Sweet Dumpling Delicata
3. White Acorn “Mashed Potato”
4. Buttercup
5. Hubbard
6. Acorn
7. Honeynut

Free Parsley for Derby Anglers

The Derby is on, and this whole Island feels the excitement. This is the 72nd year of the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, which began at one minute past midnight Sept. 10 and runs till Oct. 14.


The MV Fishing Derby begins today!#mvderby #fishing #marthasvineyard @marthasvineyardlife #edgartown

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A lot of fish will be coming ashore over the next month or so and that means lots of lemon and parsley in the kitchen. We’ve got Island-grown parsley to pair with your wild-caught striper or bluefish, and it’s free to anyone with a 2017 Derby badge. Just show your badge and grab a bunch at the register when you’re checking out.

Our Tomato Crop, By the Numbers

The Vineyard Gazette honors us this week with a well-reported article about the adventures of our 2017 tomato crop, which was delayed by adverse weather in the spring and early summer but is coming in gangbusters now. Food writer Susie Middleton, an experienced farmer herself, does an excellent job turning all of Simon’s geeky statistics into a very readable story. Some highlights:

  • “(B)y the time the Fair began on August 18, the farm had only harvested 955 pounds of red field tomatoes, as opposed to 2,800 pounds the year before.”
  • “On August 19 of 2016 — smack dab in the middle of Fair week — the tomato crew, led by manager Lydia Hall, picked 1,133 pounds of red field tomatoes. This year, the first 1,000-pound day came on August 28.”
  • “Last year, Morning Glory Farm harvested a total of 42,550 pounds of field tomatoes (all varieties)…”
  • “(T)here’s no indication that this year, with 17,000 plants in the ground, will be significantly off — the harvest is just delayed.”
  • “Morning Glory has contracted with an organization in Boston called Commonwealth Kitchen that will take the farm’s tomatoes — the first 1,000 pounds went off this week — and return glass jars of both crushed tomatoes and marinara sauce to sell in the store.”

You can read the article, with photographs by Jeanna Shepard, here »»

Photo by Alison Shaw.

Bottom line: We’ve got plenty of tomatoes for your slicing, cooking and canning needs and you can buy in bulk for as little as $1.95 a pound. Or check back soon for our jarred tomatoes and enjoy the taste of summer all winter long.

Bulk Tomatoes Now as Low as $1.95/lb

At last: Field-fresh tomatoes in bulk for your sauces and canning! Buy 5-9 pounds at $3.45/lb, 10-19 pounds at $2.95/lb and 20 pounds or more for just $1.95/lb.

Bulk tomato station, start your canning with Morning Glory Farm field tomatoes! #tomato #farmersmarket #marthasvineyardlife

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Here Comes the Pumpkin Festival

Mark your calendars: Morning Glory Farm’s annual Pumpkin Festival will be Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. We will have all of our great games and family activities — from gourd tossing and pumpkin carving to watching the mighty trebuchet launch pumpkins across the fields — along with a tie-dye station, hayrides, great foods from the farm grill and bakery and live local music. Come for an hour or spend the day, and bring the family!pumpkin helmet trebuchet

Instagrammers Love Summer on the Farm

Along with our own Instagram gallery of photos and videos, we are very fortunate to have many customers posting their own beautiful shots from Morning Glory Farm. Today we thought we’d give a shout-out to some of these talented folks and thank them for sharing! If you have MGF photos for Instagram, our hashtag is #morninggloryfarmmv and we would love to see them.


Love your #flowers @morninggloryfarmmv #morninggloryfarm #morninggloryfarmmv #marthasvineyard

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Watch: Mobile Market Brings Farm Produce to Island Neighborhoods

This summer, the nonprofit Island Grown Initiative took a big step forward in its campaign for food equity on Martha’s Vineyard by purchasing a mobile florist shop and transforming it into a rolling produce market that visits low- and moderate-income neighborhoods around the Island weekly. Anyone may buy from the truck, which sells vegetables from Morning Glory Farm and other local growers at a break-even markup. (Scroll down for a schedule of its stops.)

In this MVTV clip, Bella Felipe catches up with the Mobile Market on its rounds and reports, in Portuguese and English, on what she finds.

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Try This Luscious Fruit Salad, No Recipe Needed

The folks at Upinngil Farm in western Massachusetts just tweeted this, and we had to share. It’s so simple and fresh, you don’t even need a recipe: Just cut up your melons and peaches, add your mint leaves and sprinkle to taste with the juice and syrup. So refreshing!

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