Watch: Martha’s Vineyard Flower Fields from the Air

Take to the sky over our flower farm in West Tisbury to see the fields in bloom and bud.

This is the year we doubled down on flowers.

Now based at Robyn and Simon’s farm in West Tisbury, where his great-grandparents lived in the 20th century, our flower farmette is producing about twice as many blooms as in past years.

Flower manager Dalila Bennett holding a bunch of cosmos
Dalila Bennett

This is largely thanks to our outstanding team of flower farmers, led by the gifted Dalila Bennett. Every one is skilled in all aspects of the flower business, from planting and cultivating to harvesting and arranging.

To find out more, please visit morninggloryfarm.com/flowers.

Our “Farmily” Grows Again!

Morning Glory farmers grow more than vegetables, fruits, flowers and animals—we raise kids, too. Founders Jim and Debbie Athearn started the tradition with Prudence, Simon and Dan, all of whom now have children of their own—you may have seen some of the third generation helping out at the farm this year.

The youngest Athearn, Alden, was born to Robyn and Simon in June of 2018. Here he is 14 months later, performing some quality control tests on a just-husked ear of fresh sweet corn from our fields earlier this month.

This summer the Moglo “farmily” grew again when our fruit chief, Lydia Sylvia, gave birth to a little boy she and her husband Leigh named Abraham. We’re all thrilled by the addition, and hope someday he’ll join the crew here too!

New Cheese: Mystic Bowhead Blue

The latest creation from Connecticut-based Mystic Cheese Company

Cheesemonger Ross Sabee is pleased to announce that Morning Glory Farm now carries Bowhead Blue, the first cheese from Mystic Cheese Company’s brand-new factory, cave and store in Connecticut.

We’re already big fans of Mystic—their Melinda Mae remains one of our favorite soft-ripened cheeses—so we knew this blue would be exceptional, and it is. Bright and buttery, it’s made with pasteurized milk from grass-fed cows and ripened over 75 days for just the right balance of creamy and crumbly.

Stop by the cheese area at the back of the farmstand, check out Bowhead Blue and see what else Ross has been ordering this summer. We pride ourselves on carrying the finest cheeses from small dairies and cooperatives in the Northeast—many of them family farms like ours.

Watch: Flying Over Our Fields in August

Sweet corn, peppers, sunflowers, barn construction and more—from the air.

What would it like to be a bird flying over Morning Glory Farm in high summer? Maybe a little like this video captured by farm documentarian Ryan Hassell.

Sweet Corn: Our Signature Crop and How We Grow It

Farmer Simon Athearn hoists a burlap bag with ears of corn at Morning Glory Farm on Martha's Vineyard
Simon Athearn totes a bag of fresh sweet corn at Morning Glory Farm. Photo by Alison Shaw

It’s that time again! Our sweet corn harvest is coming on strong and we’ll be picking for many weeks to come.

In past years we’ve planted a wider assortment of corn varieties, but more recently we’ve streamlined the selection.

“This year we decided to just do our very favorites,” says Morning Glory Farm head farmer Simon Athearn.

The six best varieties of sweet corn that made the cut

  • Allure (75 days from germination to maturity)
  • Harris 1001 (72 days)
  • Trinity (68 days)
  • Espresso (70 days)
  • Montauk (79 days)
  • Silver Queen (91 days)
  • Providence (82 days)
Two ears of corn with a blue ribbon for first place at the Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair
Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair, August, 2018

Trinity and Espresso are the earliest varieties we plant, because they have the cold-soil vigor needed to germinate in our chilly Vineyard spring. We help our early plantings along with black-plastic mulch and mini-greenhouses to keep them warm.

“We have to push our earliness,” Simon says. “Corn likes it hot.”

Mid-season varieties like Providence, Silver Queen and Harris 1001 won’t sprout in cold soil, so we plant them after the ground has warmed up.

Simon calls Providence “the reigning king” of corn varieties at Morning Glory Farm.

“We love Providence, customers love Providence,” he says. “It grows perfectly and the taste is phenomenal.”

The people’s choice: Providence

Out of 450,000 corn seeds Simon purchased this year, 300,000 of them were Providence. As always, we only buy non-GMO seeds and organic seeds where possible.

We prefer to have half an acre come ripe every three to four days, which we try to achieve by successively planting different varieties that mature at different times.

All in all, we have planted 350,000 linear feet of sweet corn this year—and Simon will walk every single row.

Our 11 best recipes with sweet corn:

New: Limited Edition Moglo Flower T-Shirts

Front of T-shirt

We’re proud to introduce this year’s limited-edition Flowers T-shirt. Designed by Island artist Elissa Turnbull, these shirts come in multiple sizes and colors—and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Find them at the farmstand, on the bottom shirt shelves next to the new water station by Register 4.

Farmstand Smiles

Poly (Bulgaria), Sophia (Ohio), Suzy (MV) and Neli (Bulgaria)
We love our farmstand crew and we are hiring more!
Apply online here »»

Fun Fall Jobs on Martha’s Vineyard

The farmstand crew in July. We’ll be picking corn for many weeks to come!

Is your summer job ending soon? Stay on the Vineyard and work at Morning Glory Farm. Late summer and autumn are the best time at the farm: the crops are bountiful, the customers are relaxed and the weather is generally gorgeous. Our well-trained crews will make you welcome!

Outstanding in their field: The onion crew (from a few years back).

We’re open until late December and we’re hiring now in three areas:

  • Field, harvesting summer’s bounty and the fall crops to come
  • Farmstand, with mostly Island customers after August
  • Kitchen & Bakery, turning out delicious fresh foods every day
All our farm food is made from scratch with high-quality ingredients.

Some housing may be available. Apply online: morninggloryfarm.com/jobs.

To find out what past employees say about working here, visit our Employee Testimonial page.

Our Glorious Garlic Harvest

Morning Glory Farm Garlic—Class of 2019

Late last October, we planted 13,600 garlic cloves. This month we harvested the crop and wow, we have to brag: This garlic is gorgeous, with flavor to match.

Plump, perfect, clean garlic bulbs with no disease are $1.65 each at the farmstand now. The only question is, what will you do with your fresh garlic? Let us know in the comments, or try one of these recipes:

Watch: Why Cucumbers Are Great — In Rhyme

Macka B is a Jamaican recording artist who loves his vegetables as much as we love his rhymes about the cucumber’s many health and nutrition benefits. He even gives a rhyming recipe or two. This version is a cappella, but you can find many remixes online. Enjoy!