An Apple for Everybody, from Carlson’s Orchards

Evercrisp, Gala, Ginger Gold, Pink Lady ….Morning Glory Farm has the Vineyard’s widest selection of Massachusetts-grown apples, thanks to our longstanding relationship with another farm family.

The Carlsons of Carlson Orchards in Harvard have been growing fruit since the 1930s. They now have 140 acres of peaches, nectarines, blueberries, raspberries, pumpkins — and 20 varieties of apple. Depending on the time of year, we may have more than a dozen different Carlson apples at the farmstand! Read More

Holiday Treats from the Morning Glory Farm Bakery

Our new holiday bakery brochure is out! Pick up a copy at the farmstand or scroll below to read about our cranberries, grains, eggnog, pecans, apples, citrus holiday baked goods and farm-grown Hawaiian ginger.
Holiday ordering begins Dec. 1.
Fall brochure 2016 (1)

Cape White Turnips are In!

Debbie Athearn, Meg Athearn and a giant Cape White turnip

Debbie and Meg celebrate the return of the Cape White turnip harvest.

We’re excited to announce that our Cape White turnips are coming in from the fields for the first time in two years! Last year’s harvest was ruined by weather and birds, so we’re extra happy to welcome these sweet, delicious turnips. Read More

Watch: Preparing Thousands of Garlic Cloves to Plant

Everlasting Flower Wreaths and Fresh Narcissus Bulbs

Now that autumn has arrived, our flower crew has been making gorgeous everlasting floral wreaths and swags for indoor decorating. Come see their creative designs—no two are alike. Read More

Give the Gift of Soup

As the days grow shorter, darker and colder, a volunteer force of Vineyard residents is preserving fresh farm produce that will help feed hundreds of hungry Islanders this winter.

Island Grown Gleaning reclaims fresh vegetables from Vineyard farms, passing them on to local chefs and other volunteers who prep and process the gleaned squash, corn, beans, greens and other crops. Read More

Compost Dropoff Closed till Halloween

Sign Oct. 26 announces that the Morning Glory Farm compost operation is closed until Oct. 31 due to an equipment failure.We regret the inconvenience, but due to an equipment failure we are unable to accept compost materials until next Wednesday, Oct. 31.

Watch: Our Potato Harvester in Slo-Mo

Why Eat Turnips?

By guest blogger Rachel Caine, MS, Dietetic Intern, Mount Auburn Hospital 
Read More