What’s in Season on Martha’s Vineyard: June

These are approximate harvest dates for our seasonal farm produce. Please keep in mind that many yields tend to start small and increase over a period of days to weeks, depending on the weather. Read More

Happy Birthday, Debbie!

Farmer Debbie Athearn with wooden baskets
Photo by Alison Shaw

Today is Debbie Athearn’s birthday, and all of us at the farm would like to join her family and friends all over Martha’s Vineyard in wishing her a wonderful day with many happy returns!

It is safe to say that without Debbie, there would be no Morning Glory Farm. She and Jim started the farm and stand in 1975 as a young married couple with no employees at all. Nearly 45 years of hard work later, the Athearn family employs well over 100 people.

Debbie is here just about every day, leading by example with her unflappable good humor as she oversees the produce at the farmstand. Along with Morning Glory Farm-grown vegetables and fruits, Debbie orders from family-owned farms on the mainland who supply us with dairy, apples, cranberries and other fresh crops to rival our own.

Debbie and Jim raised their three kids on farm food and Deb’s Meatloaf remains one of our customers’ favorite carry-out entrées. You can find more of Deb’s recipes in our cookbooks.

Happy birthday, Debbie! We’re lucky you were born.

Strawberry Forecast 2019

Photo by Alison Shaw

We’ve just left the watchful phase of strawberry production, when we were concerned about late spring frosts killing the blossoms, and thereby the fruit. If frost had threatened, we would have gone out at midnight to start the pumps and irrigate them. The ice that forms on the blossoms actually heats them! Fortunately, we haven’t had to do that this spring. 

Last week, we planted new strawberry plants that will be harvested for their first crop in June 2020. This June, we’ll be harvesting berries from a fall planting as well as the plants that went into the ground a year ago. We expect to begin picking between June 8-10.

When the big day comes, some time next weekend, the crop will be small at first—a few pints at a time, selling out quickly. But as the season progresses, this early trickle of berries will become a steady flow.

Why do we call them “strawberries”? Read all about it »»

Our strawberries will be available on a first-come-first-served basis—so as the harvest ramps up, your best chance to find them in stock will be to come by the farmstand in the morning or early afternoon.

Strawberry picking time coincides with the first big push of weeds in the fields, so our big challenge is to keep up with the weeding without falling behind in the picking. As Jim says, the farmer’s saying “pull 10 weeds an hour” should not be taken literally—it should translate into “every time you have an opportunity, grab a weed. Weed while you pick, weed all day long.”

Strawberries vs. weeds: our two-year strategy »»

Don’t forget to join us for the Morning Glory Farm Strawberry Festival, June 22 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission and most activities are free and all ages are welcome, rain or shine.

We hope to see you then! 

Tomato Plants for Your Home Garden: Heirlooms & Hybrids

It’s time to plant tomatoes in the garden! We have more than two dozen kinds of tomato plants, grown from seed in our greenhouses, that will be ready to go into the ground June 3.

Berkeley Pink Tie-Dye tomato from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.
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Poppies in Bud and Bloom

This year, we moved our flower farm to West Tisbury and added greenhouses. Come by the farmstand to see what’s in bloom, and follow us on Instagram for more glorious flower photos like these.

Our Daily Bread: The Baking Schedule

Fresh-baked bread made with organic grains at Morning Glory Farm.

Fresh-baked bread made with organic grains at Morning Glory Farm.

Our bakery turns out more than a dozen different kinds of yeast-raised and sourdough bread every week. We use only the best ingredients, including real dairy and New England-milled flours. Wherever possible, we choose organic. Read more about our breads »»
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New: Online Pie & Bread Orders

Blueberry pies in the Morning Glory Farm bakery.

Blueberry pies in the bakery.

Are you looking for pies? We bake a lot of them at the farm—hundreds a day, in the summertime. You can find our pies at the front of the farmstand, with the breads. Just turn right as you enter, past the old iron stove. Or you can place an advance order using the form below. Read More

Aronia Berries: An American Superfood

Aronia berries growing on the farm

Have you tried aronia berries? This tangy, nutritious fruit, a member of the rose family, is native to North America and we proudly grow it as part of our polycultural system here at the farm.

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Hot Sauce Sale: Two for One!

All three of our Moglo hot pepper sauces are on sale! Made from our farm-grown produce and bottled by Commonweatlh Kitchen, the sauces have three levels of heat:

  • Mild Thing (Makes Your Heart Sing)
  • Mid Day Sun 
  • Hit Me With Your Best Hot