“Canned Goods” by Greg Brown: the World’s Best Song about Pickles and Preserves

This is a rare live version of singer-songwriter Greg Brown performing his wonderful “Canned Goods” on A Prairie Home Companion. If there is a better song about preserves and pickles, we have yet to hear it! Read More

Visit the Farm Year-Round on our YouTube Channel

Remember our Epic Trailer from last spring? How about the Mighty Trebuchet in slo-mo, or the Morning Glory Farm music video by musician/sculptor Tim Laursen?

These are just a few of the MGF videos you’ll find on our YouTube channelyoutube.com/user/MorningGloryFarm. We’ll keep posting even after we close for the season Dec. 28, so please drop by our channel any time you feel like visiting the farm this winter — and feel free to share. 

Farm Holiday Open House: Dec. 9, 12-5 p.m.

All aboard for Christmas in Edgartown!

Join us Saturday, Dec. 9 from noon to 5 p.m. for our 2017 farm holiday open house. The Lionel Christmas Train will return with a beautiful new hand-painted backdrop and we’ll have hayrides, s’mores and other treats galore. 

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See Morning Glory Farm from the Air

See Morning Glory Farm from the Air

Watch: One Last Fling for the Trebuchet

In days of old, medieval armies would roll out their trebuchets to besiege enemy walls, whipping large projectiles with astonishing speed. Our trebuchet was built for peaceful purposes, although it does take a toll on pumpkins when we roll it out each fall for the Living Local Harvest Festival in West Tisbury and our own Pumpkin Festival here at the farm.

We had a great time with it again this year, hurling countless pumpkins far into the pasture where they exploded on contact. Now pumpkin season is coming to an end and the trebuchet is back in its barn, but we can still watch it in action on our YouTube channel, and dream of next autumn.


Watch: Windmill Repair Crew at Work

If you were at the farmstand Monday morning, you may have been startled to hear men’s voices and banging sounds apparently coming out of the sky. Read More

Vote Now to Name Our New Cookie


We put out a call for suggestions to name Korilee’s newest cookie creation, and now it’s time to vote! Visit the TBA Cookie Voting Page »» to cast your ballot.

What’s in it?
Inspired by one of her childhood favorites, the Monster Cookie, Korilee’s delectable new treat is made with  peanut butter, oatmeal, cashews, spices and — instead of M&Ms, as in Monster Cookies — mini chocolate chips.

What should we call it?
We received more than 30 suggestions for new names, and narrowed it down to 4. Which will win? View the choices and make your selection today.

UPDATED: Farm Drive for Puerto Rico Totals $3,000

¡Gracias! Your generous Oxfam America donations will be put to work in Puerto Rico.

Our customers are truly the best. Between the Pumpkin Festival, Oct. 14, and Halloween night, you helped us raise $3,000 for Oxfam America’s relief work in Puerto Rico! Read More