Tomato Plants for Your Home Garden: Heirlooms & Hybrids

It’s time to plant tomatoes in the garden! We have more than two dozen kinds of tomato plants, grown from seed in our greenhouses, that will be ready to go into the ground June 3.

Berkeley Pink Tie-Dye tomato from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.
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Poppies in Bud and Bloom

This year, we moved our flower farm to West Tisbury and added greenhouses. Come by the farmstand to see what’s in bloom, and follow us on Instagram for more glorious flower photos like these.

Our Daily Bread: The Baking Schedule

Fresh-baked bread made with organic grains at Morning Glory Farm.

Fresh-baked bread made with organic grains at Morning Glory Farm.

Our bakery turns out more than a dozen different kinds of yeast-raised and sourdough bread every week. We use only the best ingredients, including real dairy and New England-milled flours. Wherever possible, we choose organic. Read more about our breads »»
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New: Online Pie & Bread Orders

Blueberry pies in the Morning Glory Farm bakery.

Blueberry pies in the bakery.

Are you looking for pies? We bake a lot of them at the farm—hundreds a day, in the summertime. You can find our pies at the front of the farmstand, with the breads. Just turn right as you enter, past the old iron stove. Or you can place an advance order using the form below. Read More

Aronia Berries: An American Superfood

Aronia berries growing on the farm

Have you tried aronia berries? This tangy, nutritious fruit, a member of the rose family, is native to North America and we proudly grow it as part of our polycultural system here at the farm.

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Hot Sauce Sale: Two for One!

All three of our Moglo hot pepper sauces are on sale! Made from our farm-grown produce and bottled by Commonweatlh Kitchen, the sauces have three levels of heat:

  • Mild Thing (Makes Your Heart Sing)
  • Mid Day Sun 
  • Hit Me With Your Best Hot

Watch These Corn Shoots Grow!

It will be August before our sweet corn is ready to pick in the fields, but the seedlings are already shooting up in our greenhouses. Here’s a time-lapse video of their progress in early May:

Asparagus Harvest Has Begun!

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First Asparagus! #marthasvineyard

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Our Katama asparagus is beginning to come in! It will still be a few days before we are harvesting at full strength. By Monday, we expect to bring in about 100 pounds every other day or so, if the weather remains cooperative. Asparagus needs sun to shoot up to its full potential—by up to one centimeter an hour, under ideal conditions.

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Spinach is the Harvest of the Week!

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Heaps of spring spinach!

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This is absolutely peak time for our spring spinach. It’s green, glorious and abundant this week. We are selling it for $4.95 a pound. That’s a BIG bag of spinach, but you don’t have to buy the whole pound—we have it loose, as well as conveniently bagged, so you can choose a little or a lot.

We like a lot, and we’re throwing our spinach into everything this week: soups, salads, smoothies, scrambled eggs, you name it.

Tender spring spinach is delicious both raw and cooked, and only needs 2-3 minutes of steaming to be ready for the table. You can season it simply with butter, salt and pepper; lemon juice; yogurt and cumin; or any number of other favorite flavor combinations.

Along with tasting fresh and delicious, spinach is a terrific source of plant-based minerals—potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, folate, phosphorus, choline, zinc, iron and copper—as well as vitamins A, B2, B6, C, E and K.

Come get your spinach!