New: Limited Edition Moglo Flower T-Shirts

Front of T-shirt

We’re proud to introduce this year’s limited-edition Flowers T-shirt. Designed by Island artist Elissa Turnbull, these shirts come in multiple sizes and colors—and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Find them at the farmstand, on the bottom shirt shelves next to the new water station by Register 4.

Farmstand Smiles

Poly (Bulgaria), Sophia (Ohio), Suzy (MV) and Neli (Bulgaria)
We love our farmstand crew and we are hiring more!
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Fun Fall Jobs on Martha’s Vineyard

The farmstand crew in July. We’ll be picking corn for many weeks to come!

Is your summer job ending soon? Stay on the Vineyard and work at Morning Glory Farm. Late summer and autumn are the best time at the farm: the crops are bountiful, the customers are relaxed and the weather is generally gorgeous. Our well-trained crews will make you welcome!

Outstanding in their field: The onion crew (from a few years back).

We’re open until late December and we’re hiring now in three areas:

  • Field, harvesting summer’s bounty and the fall crops to come
  • Farmstand, with mostly Island customers after August
  • Kitchen & Bakery, turning out delicious fresh foods every day
All our farm food is made from scratch with high-quality ingredients.

Some housing may be available. Apply online: morninggloryfarm.com/jobs.

To find out what past employees say about working here, visit our Employee Testimonial page.

Our Glorious Garlic Harvest

Morning Glory Farm Garlic—Class of 2019

Late last October, we planted 13,600 garlic cloves. This month we harvested the crop and wow, we have to brag: This garlic is gorgeous, with flavor to match.

Plump, perfect, clean garlic bulbs with no disease are $1.65 each at the farmstand now. The only question is, what will you do with your fresh garlic? Let us know in the comments, or try one of these recipes:

Watch: Why Cucumbers Are Great — In Rhyme

Macka B is a Jamaican recording artist who loves his vegetables as much as we love his rhymes about the cucumber’s many health and nutrition benefits. He even gives a rhyming recipe or two. This version is a cappella, but you can find many remixes online. Enjoy!

Rose & Ignatius Go to the Movies

Rose and Ignatius Athearn in the Vineyard Gazette!

Imagine our surprise when we opened this week’s Vineyard Gazette and found a photo of and interview with Simon and Robyn’s two eldest, Rose and Ignatius!

Their baby brother Alden just turned 1 and is not ready for his media spotlight quite yet, but Rose and Iggie had plenty to say about their experiences at Cinema Circus:

Iggie: I loved the part when the moose got the boom box on his antler.

Vineyard Gazette, July 12, 2019

Rosie: I loved when they found out that the bottle could time travel. It was cool!

Vineyard Gazette, July 12, 2019

There’s much more in the interview, which is on Page Two-A of the print edition.

If you have kids, Cinema Circus is tons of fun. It happens every Wednesday in Chilmark as part of the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, and it is free!

Salad Bar Now Open All Day

A view of the Morning Glory Farm salad bar

We’re extending the hours of our popular salad bar to match our farmstand hours this summer.

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What’s in Season on Martha’s Vineyard: July

A double handful of red potatoes. Photo by Alison Shaw.

Photo by Alison Shaw

These are approximate harvest dates for our seasonal farm produce. Please keep in mind that many yields tend to start small and increase over a period of days to weeks, depending on the weather.

Potatoes (red/white/Yukon/russet): July 1 to December

Beans (green/yellow): July 10 to Oct. 1

Eggplant: July 15 to October

Garlic: Around July 15 until sold out

Green Peppers: July 20 to November

Romanesco: till November

Sunflowers: July 25 to September

Sweet Corn: July 30 (early crop July 15-20) to Oct. 15

“High Tunnels”-grown Tomatoes: July 15 to October

Still harvesting:

Basket of cucumbers. Photo by Alison Shaw.

Photo by Alison Shaw

Greenhouse Tomatoes: till July 15

Green Onions: till July 20

Pea pods on the vine. Photo by Alison Shaw.

Photo by Alison Shaw

Snap Peas: till August 1

Scallions (green and red): till August 10

Cucumbers: till Oct. 1

Summer Squash: till Oct. 1

Basil: till Oct. 10

Bunched Flowers: till October

Beets: till November

Broccoli: till November

Cabbage: till November

Carrots: till November

Cauliflower: till November

Chard: till November

Kale: through December

Lettuce: through December, depending on variety

Farmers Market, June 26: Say the Secret Word and Save!

India is listening for the secret word.

The Wednesday farmers market is back, and we’re extending our Secret Word promotion:

Just say the word “Stuttgarter” to take $1 off a bunch of spring onions!

We’re at the market outside Grange Hall from 9 a.m. to noon every Wednesday and Saturday with our fresh and preserved farm produce.

While you’re there, drop by the Garden Farm’s booth and say hi to Moglo alum Lydia Fischer.

Hello, Lydia!

Lydia is a gifted singer-songwriter as well as a dedicated and very hard-working farmer. We wish her lots of success in doing what she loves.

See you at the farmers market—and don’t forget the secret word: “Stuttgarter”!

Cheese Spotlight: Morbier-Style Ashbrook from Vermont

Some of our favorite European-style cheeses come from Spring Brook Farm in Reading, Vermont, Their Reading is an excellent expression of the Raclette style, while Spring Brook Tarentaise is inspired by the French cheese Abondance. And then there’s Ashbrook, a creamy raw cow’s milk cheese in the style of Morbier.  Inspired by the French cheese Morbier, Vermont-made Ashbrook has a line of vegetable ash running through the middle.

Named for a small French village, Morbier is distinguished by its buttery color, creamy taste and a dark, horizontal line made from vegetable ash or dye, running through the center. Ashbrook, which is made with raw milk from Jersey cows, also has a thin line of ash and, like the other cheeses from Spring Brook, does a fine job of paying tribute to the European original.

Creating these award-winning cheeses is just part of the mission at Spring Brook Farm. On the dairy’s website, farmsforcitykids.org, you can read about the Farms for City Kids program, which educates urban children about farm life and agriculture.

Ashbrook is made by Spring Hill Farm in Reading, Vt.

Ashbrook is made at Spring Brook Farm.