“Canned Goods” by Greg Brown: the World’s Best Song about Pickles and Preserves

“Taste a little of the summer, my grandma put it all in jars … ” Read More

Our Daily Bread: The Baking Schedule

Fresh-baked bread made with organic grains at Morning Glory Farm.

Fresh-baked bread made with organic grains at Morning Glory Farm.

Our bakery turns out more than a dozen different kinds of yeast-raised and sourdough bread every week. We use only the best ingredients, including real dairy and New England-milled flours. Wherever possible, we choose organic. Read more about our breads »»
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Meet the Laser Scarecrow from URI

“Laser Scarecrow” sounds at first like a great idea for a Halloween costume, but the reality is a little less exciting. Nonetheless, we hope this homely, farm-built gadget will help us save more of our sweet corn for you—instead of losing up to half of it to marauding flocks of birds.

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Harvest of the Month: Tomatoes

We’re honored to share the Island Grown Schools Harvest of the Month spotlight this September. Read More

Why Eat Mushrooms?

By guest blogger Rachel Caine, MS, Dietetic Intern, Mount Auburn Hospital 

What are mushrooms?
Mushrooms are often considered vegetables, but they are fungi, and not plants, so they need to be cultivated and harvested differently. To an even greater extent than plants, mushrooms take on the nutrients from what they are grown in, and so it’s important to choose mushrooms that are grown in a healthy way. They can be eaten raw or cooked. Read More

Martha’s Vineyard Map Appears on Morning Glory Melon

From the (unofficially approved) @rejectedmoglo account on Instagram, here’s a Sugar Baby melon sporting a Martha’s Vineyard outline. The silhouette is a bit funky and Nomans Land is in the wrong place —but still, not a bad effort for a melon:

MV Sugar baby 🍉

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What’s in Season on the Farm: September

Time to pick the sweet corn 🌽 #marthasvineyard #fresh #picked #sweetcorn #harvest

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These are approximate average harvest dates for our seasonal farm produce. Please keep in mind that many yields tend to start small and increase over a period of days to weeks, depending on the weather. Read More

A Fond Farewell to a Fearless Leader

Lia DeRisi, tireless assistant manager of the Morning Glory farmstand, is moving on to a career in early childhood education with Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. She’ll leave a big gap in our lives, but she’ll be enriching many others. Read More

How Can I Make Cut Flowers Last Longer?

At Morning Glory Farm, we cut flowers every day for the freshest bouquets. They should last you about a week, but there are ways to make cut flower arrangements last longer still. Here are some tips from MGF flower manager Robyn Hosey Athearn for the longest-lasting, freshest-looking bouquets: Read More

Morning Glory Farm Captured in Art

It’s a wonderful feeling when an artist chooses our farm for a subject. Thank you, Ashley Medowski and the Vineyard Gazette!

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