Tractor Tuesday: Farmall 140 is Still Going Strong





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Dan Athearn using our vintage International 140 offset tractor with a belly mount basket cultivator to weed our 5 row D’avignon Radishes! #marthasvineyard #farmlife #tractor #radish #cultivation


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Currently set up with a 5 row custom Buddingh weeder and rear end sweeps, this International Harvester Farmall has high clearance for cultivation and works on both five- row and three-row bed crops. Though more than 60 years old, it runs very well. This is an offset tractor, meaning the mechanics are set to the side of the tractor enabling the operator to see the crop being worked on below.

IH 140 tractorModel 140
Brand International Harvester Farmall
Engine  2.0L 4-cylinder
Fuel gasoline
Year 1958-73
HP 21 PTO, 17 drawbar
Special tools Belly and rear cultivators

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Moglo’s Got Talent: Jewelry Designer Sarah Young

Wire wrap jewelry by Sarah K. Young. She is teaching this method at Featherstone in March.

Morning Glory Farm office manager Sarah K. Young is also an accomplished Martha’s Vineyard jewelry designer with her own business, Vineyard Sky Bead Designs.

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Countdown to Opening: 8 Weeks to Go

Tomato seedlings in our grow room (the farmstand’s walk-in refrigerator), early March.

Somehow, the long Martha’s Vineyard winter is mostly over and we’re counting down the weeks until our farmstand reopens at 8 a.m. on May 3.

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Farm Work on Martha’s Vineyard, Then and Now

Horace Athearn with oxen in the early 20th century.
A man pushes a plow that is also being pulled by a man in a tractor in the early years of the 20th century.
Early machine-assisted plowing on Martha’s Vineyard.
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Tractor Tuesday: Uncle Leonard’s Farmall

Jim’s uncle Leonard Athearn (1918-2005) bought this International Harvester Farmall model A in 1946, not long after he returned to Martha’s Vineyard from serving in the Army Air Corps during World War II. Here he is harvesting hay with it on the family farm in West Tisbury. Read More

Tractor Tuesday: Ford 5610 Has Seen Some Changes

This is the tractor that switched wheels with the Ford 4600 in 2004. We bought it as a loader with a bucket for $10,000 from John Olsen of Huseby Mountain Farm in West Tisbury.  Read More

Moglo Alum Publishes Seafaring Adventure

Once upon a time, Mary Marshall Highet worked in our herb garden. Today she’s a mom of two and an acclaimed writer whose second novel, Hold Fast, is a historical seafaring adventure co-authored by Bird Stasz Jones. It’s currently #1 among Amazon’s Teen & Young Adult Boys & Men fiction offerings: Read More

Tractor Tuesday: Simon’s Favorite Ford

ford 5600 tractor with kids

ford 5600 dan tractor

Dan drives the 5600. Photo by Alison Shaw.

Ford 5600 tractorPurchased for $12,000 in Westminster, Mass. in 2000, the Ford 5600 was big enough to pull the third bottom on our our plow and has been a fine runner for us. It has a block heater, so it becomes a easy choice in the winter as it will start if plugged in. Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If only we could each hand our loved one a red, ripe Moglo tomato of any shape—what a Valentine that would be! But our tomatoes are just tiny seedlings now, so here instead is a love letter from summertime.

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sending y'all some tomato love 🍅🍅🍅

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Here’s Our Fastest Ford Tractor

Ford 3600 tractor.

We bought this quiet little diesel from fellow Martha’s Vineyarder Allen Norton. It’s handy for a lot of vegetable jobs like seeding and cultivation, a favored tractor for the tine weeder and it often works the bed former, making beds for crops like lettuce, greens, carrots, beets and more. Read More