Where are you located?

Edgartown, Massachusetts on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. We’re one mile out of town on the West Tisbury Road. Hours and directions »»

Is that the whole farm’s acreage there on the West Tisbury Road?

No, we have fields of our own back from that road plus 60 acres or so of leased farmland we work in the Katama area of Edgartown. We also have Simon and Robyn’s farm in West Tisbury, our cattle operation off North Road in Chilmark on land owned by Dan and Meg, and more rented acres in West Tisbury. This makes up about 120 acres of managed land in nearly 20 locations. 

What do you do in the winter?

We keep on farming! There’s something to harvest nearly all year round. Many farm chores get pushed into the slower winter months, like maintenance of our outbuildings, tractors and machines. Our pigs, cows and chickens work hard all year round. Winter is a special time on a farm: time for reflection, evaluation, and planning for the coming season. Surprising to many people is that the first tomato seeds are planted in mid-January and the greenhouses are active by March 1.  

What time of year should I apply for a job at Morning Glory Farm?

January, February and March is the easy answer: This is when we are still in the office, placing seed orders and making all the interviews and phone calls to fill our employment roster for the year. We try to have all of our positions filled by April 1, although there can still be openings at that time. For on-farm housing, apply early, as our 14 spaces fill up fast and go to the best candidates.

I love your farmstand, but it is often so crowded. What should I do?

Our farmstand does seem to feel awfully small in the peak of the summer when we have so much of our produce in season.  The slowest times at the stand are usually between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., and mid-afternoon on good beach days. Thank you for being patient with our long lines; many people will attest that with five registers working, things can move quite briskly.