Have you seen the Morning Glory Farm flower parade? It takes place every day but Sunday at about 1 p.m., as the flower crew marches buckets of blooms to the tent in front of the farmstand.

They pick the flowers in the morning, storing them in the cool root cellar beneath the store.“We start by rearranging the displays outside, washing all of the buckets and picking lilies in the greenhouse,” says flower manager Dalila Bennett. “Then we all go out to the fields and we pick sunflowers and bring them to the stand.”After that, “we go back, out usually around 9, and we pick from 9 to 11. We bring all the flowers back and put them in the root cellar, so they have time to chill out and drink some water and be out of the hot sun.”

After the staff lunch, from noon to 1 p.m., it’s time for the flower parade. From then till 3 p.m., the crew bunches blossoms into the colorful bouquets we sell at the farmstand. 

If you love flowers, please drop by and see what’s blooming!