morning glory farm at the martha's vineyard fair

Ah the fair, I love the fair.  Workmen/women, visitors and residents across the island take time to visit and enjoy the fair.  Listen to the Blue Hills Strolling Brass Quintet, catch the new favorite event the antique lawn tractor pull, hear the booming sounds of pop music blasting over worn amusement speakers all across west tisbury, watch the shucking contest, check your entries and look for your friends names in the hall, I love the Ox pull event (Thursday at 11:30), Saturday night listen to some of our favorite island musicians, stroll through the fiber tent and talk and listen to people carrying on the traditions of spinning,  Woodsmans contest noon on Saturday, Visit the barn say hi to animals (will Fred have piglets there this year?) and stop and talk to all those old friends you only seem to see at the fair, enjoy it!

The Fair design this year is done by my cousin Morgan Taylor.  She is a graphic designer that has come home to the Vineyard after many years away, and now works with the Vineyard Gazette.  The cover of the Fair booklet, the poster and the shirts have a team of oxen hitched and pulling a dump wagon, standing in front of the Ag Hall.  She crafted this image after a photo of my great uncle Lenoard’s team and wagon.  He was a avid supporter of the fair and the Agricultural Society.  He showed animals and entered contests for decades.  He was a West Tisbury kid and adult, a dairyman for the then Vineyard Downs Dairy (among others) and currently known as Campbell and Douglas and even sooner to have a new name.  He was often seen tinkering with his antique cars and tractors at the antique power show, or at the family farmstead in Crow Hollow off  New Lane.

Our corn will be available this year at the fair!  Todd Debbencourt will be selling fresh Morning Glory Farm corn in his food booth this year.  Come by and have the taste of the season, last time one of the foodtrucks broke down and never came but this year we are ready with towingless for any road assistance.  We will be picking for Todd every morning or even mid day to ensure you a fresh ear at the fair.  After a slow start our sweet corn in coming in strong now and will be available every day.

Come on down to the fair.   At the Fairgrounds in West Tisbury August 20, 21,22,&23 but you knew that already after all its the fair!    for the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultual Society’s web page.

Please I invite you to post comments on your favorite fair event, to suggest an event or one you have seen at another fair.  sj

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