meshacket bbq sauce
Me-“Shack”-It BBQ Sauce from our kitchen

Welcome to another set of Morning Glory Farm Loyalty Card specials. Every two weeks all season long, we’re highlighting a group of products we believe in, and offering special prices for loyalty card members. (This is in addition to our ongoing card member benefits of 10% off all produce, all the time, and lowered prices on our coffee of the month.) Here’s the latest crop, in effect through July 8:

Me-“Shack”-It BBQ Sauce
Douglas in our farm kitchen blends this sweet-savory sauce for you using a mix of fresh veggies — charred onion, roasted garlic and roasted poblano pepper — with ketchup, cider vinegar, fish sauce, Worcestershire, sambal oelek and spices. It’s just the thing for summer cookouts!
$4 with your loyalty card (regularly $5.95).

Green Circle chicken logo
D’Artagnan and Green Circle chicken — humanely, sustainably produced

D’Artagnan and Green Circle Chicken
Our farm kitchen uses D’Artagnan chicken products because they’re as humanely and sustainably raised as we can get, with unmatched flavor. Green Circle is D’Artagnan’s higher-welfare line of meat from chickens raised free-range, certified humane by Humane Farm Animal Care and recognized by the ASPCA in their “Shop With Your Heart” list for meaningful animal welfare standards. We’re pleased to offer these products at the farmstand for
$.50 off per pound with your loyalty card.

It really is “Clucking Awesome!”

Ocean State Pepper Co. “Clucking Awesome” Poultry Seasoning
Freshly blended in Rhode Island*, this brightly-flavored mixture is just what’s needed to elevate your chicken dishes with the taste of summer. Sumac, thyme and oregano hold down the bottom, balanced by notes of citrus, lavender and sesame and spiked with a trace of fireworks from scorpion pepper. Throw out that faded old poultry blend still lingering in the pantry from last summer, and open a fresh jar of Clucking Awesome to flavor your D’Artagnan wings and drumsticks for the Fourth of July.
$6 with your loyalty card (regularly $8.25).

*The Ocean State is also the Chicken State: Adamsville, R.I. is the site of a handsome 1925 monument to the Rhode Island Red chicken. Is that cool? We think so.

Specials are good through July 8, and card members get 10% off produce every day! Apply here