Korilee Connelly puts fresh pies out for sale at the Morning Glory farmstand.

We’re very happy to welcome Korilee Connelly back to the farm for her third season as head of the bakery.

Korilee is the mad genius who mixes Morning Glory Farm produce and regional cheeses into delectable scones, with a different new combination every day she bakes.


Everybody must get sconed.

Her most recent inspirations have included a scone with MGF kale, MGF bacon, MGF amaranth microgreens and Middlebury Blue cheese from Blue Ledge Farm, and one using MGF collards and scallions with washed-rind Dorset cheese from Consider Bardwell Farm. Come in and try one of her creations.

Korilee also supervises the bakery staff turning out the pies, breads and sweet treats our customers love. She always has a smile and her laugh is infectious. We’re thrilled to have her back for 2017!