Just in time for Christmas, our three Moglo hot pepper sauces are on sale! Normally $9.95 a bottle, they’re priced for giving and sharing at $10 for two or $15 for three. Choose from Mild Thing (Makes Your Heart Sing), Mid Day Sun (medium hot) and Hit Me With Your Best Hot, bottled for us by Commonwealth Kitchen from our seasonal harvest.

Add a Moglo holiday box, colorful crinkled fill and a ribbon and you’re ready to give the gift of Martha’s Vineyard summer chili peppers, preserved at the peak of their flavor. We’ve got everything you need right here at the farmstand. (Sorry—we’re not equipped to ship.)

Watch for more discounts!

In the days to come, we’ll be lowering more prices in the cheese department and elsewhere around the farmstand. Come in and see what’s going on sale.