From plowing, harrowing and tilling to haying, bucket work and even snowplowing, our cabless John Deere 5625 does it all and has become Dan’s favorite tractor. It’s a strong, reliable machine with joystick control, so its bucket or loader can easily be switched for forks or a hay spear.We bought this 99-horsepower tractor at auction for a very good price in the summer of 2012, a time when we were having multiple tractor repair issues. It spends the deep winter on the Chilmark farm, where Dan uses it to plow snow and deliver daily hay to the cattle.

The 5625 also has a quality bucket attachment and four-wheel drive, so we use it for digging out barns and other light bucket work. In the growing season, it does primary tillage—plowing, harrowing and zone tillage—as well as hayfield and composting work.
Model 5625
Brand John Deere
Engine  4.5 4-cylinder
HP 99 PTO, 87 drawbar
Fuel diesel
Year 2007-2008
Special tools 4WD, bucket

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