chloe nelson sidedresses garlic, katama, martha's vineyard Chloe Nelson at work in the garlic.

Good Morning, after a couple of heavy rainfalls and four days of sunshine many of the perennial crops sprung up from the earth.  The garlic growing in katama at the corner of Cleavlandtown road and Katama road has made a leap to about 8 inches!  It is at this time the garlic likes an infusion of nutrients.  We treat this field using all organic methods (without certification).  Over the two decades that we have worked this small plot we have steadily increased its organic matter and overall fertility.  Even as a field with strong fertility the spring cool soil does not allow all of its nutrients to be ‘available’ to the plant.   We like to give it a boost by seaming a quality fertilizer along the row edge within easy reach of the plant roots.

The fertilizer used here is a blend made by North Country Organics called Pro-Gro of:

Natural Sulfate of Potash, Phosphate Rock, Colloidal Phosphate, Oyster Meal, Kelpmeal, Greensand, Natural Sulfate of Potash/Magnesia, Vegetable Protein Meals, Animal Protein Meals, Natural Nitrate of Soda, Compost, and Dried Whey.

The farmer/gardener’s mouth should be watering right now.  This mix of all natural ingredients are wonderful soil amendments and many are long lasting and will benefit crops for years.  I am looking forward to it benefiting this 11,000 linear feet of garlic, thats 22,000 bulbs!  I am eager to pull robust healthy bulbs of German White Garlic from the earth in mid July.

First comes the garlic scallions that can be pulled by the first of May, then comes the early June harvest of garlic scapes (a little tendril size of a marker 20 inches tall that rises from the middle of the plant into a little curly Q and would host the seed pod if left to grow), then the main harvest of German white and Music garlic bulbs in mid July.  Music garlic is used for braiding several heads together.  Lastly we will seperate the highest quality bulbs for our seed stock for planting again this November.  If all goes well I hope to also sell quality seed garlic to island gardeners this fall.  Lets all hope for a strong growing season and a heavy harvest.