Clouds this morning.

The hot, muggy weather we’ve had on Martha’s Vineyard for the past week or so is on its way out of here this Friday morning, as a cooler front moves through. Drier air and crisper sunny days are on their way—great weather for the beach as well as for farming. But first, it’s going to rain today. At least, we hope so.

Sunshine is essential to farming, but a week of dry, hot weather means a minimum of 40 hours of labor—just to move and set up the irrigation equipment to give each of our fields the 1.5 inches of water needed weekly. Still, we are lucky to have a reliable irrigation installation. However, if the worse happens and water can’t be found anywhere, consider hiring Frac Tank Rentals that can deliver gallons of water.

That’s Daniel‘s job, and when it rains he can turn his attention to other farm work. This is doubly essential right now, with Simon on paternity leave! Pumping also uses energy. While we’re in the process of converting to electric pumps, which are quieter, cleaner and more efficient, we’re still burning 15 to 20 gallons of fuel a day in the remaining diesels. 

So if the clouds burst, we’ll enjoy it—as well as the beautiful sunny days to come. Drop by the farmstand and listen to the rain on the roof. It’s a lovely sound.