A black and white photo of a general store in West Tisbury taken on a wintry day before 1933.
When this photo was taken—some time before 1933—the business inside the building was called the S.M. Mayhew Company. You may know it by a different name.

The Athearn family photo archive includes a number of photos showing Martha’s Vineyard in earlier times: the brickyard in Chilmark when it was more than just a chimney, the Woods Hole ferry terminal in 1945, Gay Head Light when it still had a house attached and many more.

This week’s image dates from before 1933, when the building was occupied by a business called the S.M. Mayhew Company. The structure still stands today, and there’s still a business inside. Do you recognize it? Tell us in the comments!

One Comment on “Martha’s Vineyard Vintage Photo: Same Spot, Different Name

  1. Today that’s the location of Alley’s General Store in West Tiz…