Before coming to Martha’s Vineyard in 2018, Michael studied at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture (Taj Mahal’s alma mater), earning a degree in Sustainable Food and Farming.

The day after Michael graduated, he came to the Island and we were lucky enough to hire him at the farm.

Michael had been actively farming for a number of years before college, so he used school as a way to explore the different niches within agriculture. “I took classes on herbalism and mushroom cultivation, financial management for farming, urban agriculture, viticulture, soil science, plant pathology and entomology,” Michael says.

“I also did a lot of work with animal husbandry: dairy cows, sheep, pigs and poultry.” 

Alongside a basic understanding of insect and disease management, Michael has a Massachusetts pesticide license, so he understands the plants’ diseases and insects and how to control them.

“I’ve worked on a number of certified organic farms, too, and I have a pretty good understanding of that as well, so I don’t come at it just one way,” he adds.

Like the Athearns, who own Morning Glory, Michael is an advocate for environmentally friendly food-growing practices. 

“I am extremely passionate about food and hope to share my passion with the Island through all the wonderful vegetables our team has carefully selected and grown in the most sustainable ways possible,” Michael says.

Apart from the farm, he enjoys spending any free time outdoors and can most likely be found relaxing on the beach, hiking, exploring new places or reading in a coffee shop.