key fob tag for Morning Glory Farm loyalty card

Ongoing benefits:

10% off all fresh off-Island produce
5% off your next shopping order every time you reach $100 in purchases
$25 gift card every time you reach $1,000 in purchases

May specials:

  • In May, enjoy a $2/lb. discount at our expanded salad bar, with more items than ever this year. Regularly $8.95 a pound, salad bar is $6.95 for Moglo Card members in May.
  • Hot soup is $4.50 a cup for members in May.
  • Watch your in-box and keep an eye out for Moglo Card signs in the farmstand—starting next week, we’ll have more member specials as well, including breakfast sandwiches with gluten-free options.

Fast facts:

Moglo cards take one to two weeks to activate, so we recommend applying now if you haven’t already:
• You do not have to be a year-round resident to apply for the free Moglo Card, as long as you have an Island address.
• We ask for a photo ID to make sure we are giving you the right card.
• We will not record your ID in any way! We just need to check that it’s you. 
• You’ll receive a FREE card and key fob for your exclusive use.
• We are no longer honoring the Our Island Club card.

Please don’t forget your card:
• We will not be able to honor your membership at the register if you do not have your card or key tag with you. There can be no exceptions.
• Replacing a lost card and tag will require a small fee and a processing time of several days.
The Morning Glory Farm Local Loyalty Card