About eight and one half acres of our farm is farmed using The National Organic Standards; however we have decided not to pursue certification.  The fruits and vegetables produced in these dedicated fields we call Morganic; from Morning Glory and Organic.  In our farmstand these products will be labeled Morganic and have a Yellow “Our Own” sign. We have green signs posted in several places in the stand to explain in detail what Morganic means.

We have never grown genetically engineered plants (GMO’s) and don’t expect to ever want to or need to.  Our 3 main seed suppliers have a no GMO pledge.

We manage all of our land with the long term health of the customers and soil  in mind.  Extensive use of field rotations, cover crops, biological controls, field scouting, and heavy applications  of compost allow us to use a minimum of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on all of our land, but in the case of our dedicated Morganic Fields, only natural fertilizers and bio-controls are used, and have been for a minimum of three years or over 20 years for some fields.