Welcome to Morning Glory’s Farm Log.   I hope that through the posts from all the farmers/bakers/cashiers/growers at MGF you can get an inside look into life on our vegetable farm.   I have enjoyed reading and commenting on farm and locally grown blogs,  and hope to have the same discussion about life here on Martha’s Vineyard.   As an island community we have the ability to define ourselves as those who live and visit with us here on the Vineyard.  We can work to make our community as self-sustaining as possible, and measure our success by the amount of help that is needed from the mainland.  With the  goal of making a dent the numerous trucks of food/lumber/clothing/and fuel that have to  make the daily trip from the mainland to sustain our level of commerce here.  I invite readers to post comments about how we all can further this cause and help make the connections from farmer to buyer/carpenter to sawyer/fisherman to chef etc. and to share the abundance the Vineyard offers us.