Morning Glory Farm

Nearing completion, this week we have finished all the coolers, laid the new pitch pine floor, hung the lights, tiled the new bathroom floor, laid the brick patio, put the front porch on, and so many more things.  We are feeling ready to open on Friday May 28th and are just awaiting all the requisite town officials to sign off.   Meanwhile all the normal field work has continued with many of us splitting time between construction and weeding carrots, planting broccoli, and sowing beans etc.

We need to open for one because the crops seem to be way ahead of schedule, the asparagus started 12 days earlier that the average for us and is coming in very strong every day now, spinach is ripe, first and second plantings of lettuce are ripe, garlic scallions, 2 kinds of radishes, baby salad greens, rhubarb, chives, many herbs, the strawberries are way ahead of schedule and may be ripe by May 5th and be a strong crop, followed by green onions, baby beets etc.

Here is a picture of our new space, this is the main area, unseen is the ‘corn room’.  The registers and vegetable tables are moving in now.  The floor is made from local Pitch Pine cut by local sawyer and fisherman Tom Turner from logs from trees removed for the addition and others tom cut from island forests.  Soon this area will be filled with vegetables, fruits, baked goods, our famous salad bar, local meats, hot coffee, and happy customers and staff enjoying the new building.  We really believe that our new store will create a significantly better customer and staff experiences.  Many of the changes were for work flow, customer and staff ease, energy efficiency, and food quality.

local pitch pine floor

The view from the second floor storage/office area.

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