Get ready for summer cook-outs and family snacking with our latest specials for Morning Glory Farm loyalty card members!

While we usually like to feature products from the Northeast, we happily make exceptions for outstanding makers in other parts of the country as well and this batch of specials proves why: We have cane sugar sodas and kettle-cooked potato chips from New Jersey; barbecue sauces and seasonings from an acclaimed Chicago BBQ joint and kelp hot sauce and furikake seasoning from an Alaska company with a Cape Cod connection. Here’s the rundown:

Boylan Bottling: Shirley Temple, Birch Beer and Orange
$2.25/bottle, $8.95/4-pack with your Moglo card
(regularly $2.75 and $10.50)

Sale ends June 10

The Boylan Bottling story begins in 1891 when Paterson, N.J. pharmacist William Boylan invents a refreshing birch-based drink he names Boylan’s Birch. Over the years, selling cups from a barrel has given way to long-necked bottles and Boylan’s has introduced a number of other flavors. Through June 10, loyalty card members can take advantage of special pricing on Original Birch, Orange and Shirley Temple by the bottle or four-pack.

Joe’s Potato Chips — assorted flavors
$3.75 with your Moglo card
(regularly $4.25)

Sale ends June 10

Made in small batches and slowly kettle-cooked, Joe’s Chips from New Jersey proudly — and legitimately —claim to be “The Crunchiest and the Gnarliest.” They’re available simply salted or in flavors including Barbecue and Sea Salt & Vinegar. At 50 cents off a bag with your card, now is the time to stock up for summer snacking.

Southern Barbecue Seasonings from Lillie’s Q
$7.95 with your Moglo card
(regularly $11.95)

Sale ends June 10

From the award-winning chef of Lillie’s Q restaurants in Chicago and Florida come these savory barbecue helpers: Carolina BBQ Sauce and keto-friendly Zero Sugar Carolina BBQ Sauce capture the tangy tradition of Western Carolina barbecue, while Q-Rub adds flavor in just 15 minutes to anything you want to grill.

Barnacle Foods Alaskan Bullwhip & Serrano Bullwhip Hot Sauces with Kelp
$5.95 with your Moglo card
(regularly $7.95)

Barnacle Foods kelp seasonings: Alaskan Everything and Furikake
$8.95 with your Moglo card
(regularly $10.95)

Sale ends June 10

All the way from Juneau, Alaska, these excellent hot sauces and seasonings are made with Alaskan bull kelp that adds depth of flavor with a delicious umami base. Suitable for vegans, the Everything Seasoning also has dried onion, garlic, sesame and poppy seeds and kosher salt. Furikake includes bonito flakes, toasted sesame seeds and dash of sugar with toasted kelp.

Barnacle Foods was founded by Alaskans — but we found a transplanted Cape Codder, Samantha from Eastham, in the sales department!

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