Early autumn sky in Edgartown

October is here. You can smell wood smoke in the air, and the light has that indescribable early-fall quality that seems to burnish everything it touches. This is the time of year when cooks start thinking of long-simmering, rib-sticking and rich-with-flavor meals to go with the season — kale soup is always a favorite.

But not everyone has time to prepare stock and sauce from scratch for a recipe base. That’s why we are offering Daily Pantry organic broths and SMT San Marzano-style plum tomato sauces to our loyalty card members at a two-for-$6 special over the next two weeks. We’re also offering bag-your-own bulk potatoes, 5 pounds or more, for $1.45 a pound — a $.50 savings over smaller quantities of most of the same varieties — with your card.

Potato Harvest Crew (2016)

Choose from three varieties of SMT sauces: Marinara, Sugo di Pomodoro and Creamy Vodka, in 24-ounce jars, and four Daily Pantry organic broths: Chicken, Low Sodium Chicken, Vegetable and Beef, in 32-ounce brick packs. With your card, any two are just $6.

October’s coffee special for card members ($1/cup, $9.95/bag) is Fair Trade Brown Sugar Cinnamon, made especially for Morning Glory Farm customers by our New Hampshire roasting partner.

Stop by and see what’s new at the farmstand — and don’t forget your Moglo card, to save on these specials and get 10% off all produce, every day.

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