It’s pumpkin square season!

• Our famous Pumpkin Squares, regularly $4.95, are $4.50 for our loyalty card customers.

Mariner Crackers and Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog Cheese. Instant party!

• All varieties of Mariner crackers — regularly $4.95 to $6.50 — are $3.45 a box with your card.
• Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog goat cheese and Great Hill Blue cheese are 20% off with your card.

Just the good stuff.

• Back Roads Organic Oatmeal, regularly $17.95 for 2.45 pounds, is $12.95 with your card.

And don’t forget that your card gets you 10 per cent off all regularly priced produce, every day!

key fob tag for Morning Glory Farm loyalty card