We have some exciting additions to our cheese case this year. Come in and see what’s new!

Arethusa Farm Camembert: This award-winning camembert from Connecticut has rich, buttery flavors with a milky sweetness. The half-pound cheeses are attractively wrapped.
Arethusa Farm Bella Bantam: Supple and creamy, Bella Bantam has aromas of buttered popcorn — really!
Westfield Capri: Fresh goat cheese mini-logs from Hubbardston, Mass., come in mouthwatering flavors: chive, chocolate, herb and pepper.
Mystic Cheese Company Sea Change: Milky, fruity, yeasty and magnificently soft, with a gorgeous bloomy rind, this soft-ripened square (we cut it into triangles) comes from the Connecticut folks who make Melinda Mae.Arethusa Farm Camembert