Job Description  Office Manager  Morning Glory Farm                   

Updated:   January 9, 2018

  • Introduction
    • This job position guide establishes the basic function, requirements, authority, duties, responsibilities of the Office Manager.
  • Basic Function
    • Providing office support to the management team of Morning Glory Farm
    • Management of the flow of materials and information between management, staff, vendors, and customers; and ensuring the information is accurately and clearly defined.
  • Requirements
    • Education: A College Degree in any subject.
    • Experience: At least one previous job experience working in an office environment.
    • Skill, Knowledge and abilities: proficiency in Microsoft office suite and basic office machinery, basic computer networking knowledge of hardware and software, confidence in speaking with customers, vendors, and staff, ability to perform basic design for web and paper materials.  Excellent public relations skills with customers, vendors, and staff.
  • Compensation

                4.1 The full time season is April 1st to January 1st.  Part time work is available January 1 to April 1 and encouraged but not mandatory.

                4.2 Unemployment compensation may be applied for in January, February and March. 

                4.3 Office Manager wages are set out in the MGF Wage policy as between $18-25/hr

                4.4 Benefits are identical to all employees and set out in the MGF Employee Handbook; sick time, matched 401k, store discount, staff lunch, and free pick your own vegetables, apparel etc.

                                We do not at this time offer Health or Dental Benefits.

  • Reporting Relationships
    • The Office Manager reports to the CFO and CEO
    • The Office is an agency of the farm and farm managers are expected to make regular requests for help and materials; Farm Management positions are; Farmstand, Field, Greenhouse,  Wholesale and Kitchens.
    • Human Resources officer is also expected to request assistance and materials.
    • Office support may be provided to subordinate staff of the managers but only under the direction of a Farm Manager or Executive.  Farm staff other than managers are not expected to make individual requests of the office services or to use the office space.
  • Authority
    • The Office Manager has access to sensitive employee information, they may use that information for approved office use and governmental reporting. The Office Manager must comply with farm/ state and national privacy standards.
    • The Office Manager, after training may order supplies up to $200 per order for office use, larger orders need to consult with the CFO or CEO.
    • The Office Manager will not issue press releases, speak to the media or make substantive changes to the website without consultation of the CEO.
    • The Office Manager may request information from employees in order to complete legal forms.
  • Responsibilities and Duties
    • Operating the office computers and printing devices and providing technical support to others needing to utilize it.
    • Being the primary agent to handle phone answering, phone tree messages, orders, and email stream management.
    • Compiling payroll information from employees and updating the payroll system.
    • Assisting in bi-weekly payroll processing and report creation with the CFO.
    • Assisting the CEO and CFO with correspondence and book keeping tasks.
    • Coordination of the new/returning employee orientation.
    • Processing the Accounts Receivable, billing, mailing statements, applying payments to accounts, and assisting those clients.
    • Being the social Media point person, making a daily effort to maintain our presence. The office Manager is expected to be the lead but not the only content creator.  See MGF Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Social Media.  Maintaining the accuracy of the farms website; specials, events, hours of operation etc.
    • To issue gift certificates and maintain the records of.
    • Advising customers about Morning Glory Farm growing methods, sources of produce, seasonality of crops and other questions about food and what we do.
    • Ordering and maintaining the office supplies, first aid supplies, and managing the digital and paper office files.
    • Checking and processing of orders from our webstore.
    • Coordinating farm festivals and events; to act as the point person and record keeper.
    • Attending and producing written and distributed minutes at our weekly farm wide meeting and our monthly managers meeting.
  • Measurements of Performance
    • Foremost objective is the positive and cooperative effort maintain to the flow of information and materials between staff, customers, and vendors while maintaining respect, kindness, and follow though.
    • Manager knows office policies and procedures; this document and related Standard Operating Procedure’s (SOP’s)
    • Knowledge of Farm methods and philosophies are understood and shared with customers through the staff orientation process, social media management, phone conversations etc.
    • Manager arrives on time and works professionally, and works till the task is complete, sometime this may mean working late or on weekends.
    • Manager promotes teamwork by looking for opportunities to assist others and calls for assistance when needed
    • Manager promotes good communication with fellow workers across the farm.
    • a Manager conducts business in a professional manner with pleasant appearance and demeanor.
    • Office manager will have a weekly 1/2 hour meeting with the CEO to discuss issues large and small.
    • The CEO will perform regular performance evaluations of the Office Manager; performance evaluation SOP’s are used in conjunction with this document.