Photo by Gary Harcourt.

Gary Harcourt was 120 feet above the ground repairing our Endurance wind turbine Monday morning. While he was here, he sent up a drone to capture the view from even higher in the air:

  • The windmill and rows of winter greens and herbs are in the foreground, backed by the greenhouses.
  • You can see our original round herb garden to the left, next to the vegetable barn with the farmstand just beyond.
  • The parking lot was pretty empty on this Monday morning in mid-November. 
  • West Tisbury Road borders the photo on the left, with Meshacket Road crossing the middle and then turning sharply to border the photo on the right before snaking off toward Clevelandtown.
  • Beyond Meshacket are our Sherman’s fields, named for Sherman Hoar, and then the Sweetened Water land preserve.
  • The white structure at the top of the photo is not a lighthouse — it is the Mill Hill standpipe for Edgartown’s water supply.
  • The blue on the far horizon is indeed the sea.
  • To find out more about our windmill and how much energy it produces, please visit our Windmill FAQ