Greenhouse opens April 22,  Monday to Saturday 9-5

Cropping update, I’ve been having so much fun as the spring has thawed and allows us to start planting again.  I wanted to share the things that have gotten into the ground.

We have been seeding spring greens in the high tunnel unheated tunnels and have been lightly harvesting the last couple of weeks, and selling the spring mix in our egg refrigerator on the farm stand porch.

Morning glory farm spring greens

Morning glory farm spring greens

We have an acre of shell and snap peas in and just cracking the soil surface in the field across from the store on the flat land.

Robyn and Molly have been steadily setting out a new perennial flower field, with 130 foot rows of hydrangea, sedum,  peony, butterfly bush, shasta daisy, and so many more,  should be quite a sight in season.

Dad, (Jim) Planted the first carrots &  spinach and the third radish and arugula last week, in our little field down Bennett Way.  This field will also have our expanded plantings of bulbing and fresh onions.

The Greenhouse tomatoes are doing very well with their supplemental oil fired heat every night.  They are up to their 3rd hand (or flower cluster) and about 2 feet tall.  The bee hives arrive on Tuesday so I can stop hand pollinating every day.

The 2010 Potato Crop

The 2010 Potato Crop

Also the potato crop in in, it has been roatated into the field where the annual flowers were last year at the back of the field across from the store and adjacent to the West Tisbury Road.  We buy our certified seed potatoes from a farm in northern Maine, we have to place our order in January.  This year we are trying a new Russet type because the famous Nortkoda has not been performing as well as we would like, this year we are trying Marcy.  We were also able to get the French Fingerling’s again, it was unavailable last season and is so delicious.  Here is the seed order.

Dark Red Norland, Yukon Gold, All Blue, Norwiss (lg pure white for whipping), Russian Banana Fingerling, French Fingerling, Marcy (Russet type), and a heirloom trial of Rose Fin Apple Potatoes.

I am very excited for a new growing season, the spring offers so much hope and energy.  Our crew, many of who are seasoned farm workers, are returning full of gusto and have high hopes for the season, we promise to grow huge amounts of delicious vegetables for you; Here we go!

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