morning glory tomato greenhouseHello everyone, my name is Stella and I’m Morning Glory’s Tomato Chief.  I’m in charge of all the various plantings of tomato plants, their care, and also the harvesting.   I am a southern transplant, from Tennessee, near the Smokey Mountains.  I found myself in the North after attending  Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.  I’m a writer and came to work for the Athearns because I get tired of being cooped up in New York City and love farming.   So come on Y’all, let me tell y’uns a little bit about the tomatoes.

Summer is here and the first tomatoes of the season are in from our greenhouses.   Ripe and ready to go! AND delicious, might I add.

Each year, Morning Glory plants successive crops of tomatoes, starting in the heated greenhouses in January which begin to ripen now.  In May we plant the high tunnels (I think there are over 500 plants in them).  These I hope to see ready by the 4th of July.  Finally, we’ve just begun our field planting of tomatoes which will take off once the heat of summer kicks in.

We put a lot of care into growing so many tomatoes.  Tomato plants must be pruned and trellised.  While there are many ways of trellising tomatoes or, more simply put,  holding the plants up as they grow.  Our favored technique of trellising the plants is called the San Diego basket weave.  The basket weave uses twine to gently cradle each plant as it grows.  The tomato crew move up and down the rows of plants weaving in and around each plant and wooden stakes through the field and under the bright June and July sun.

What’s the reward for all this work?  Hopefully, GORGEOUS tomatoes!  I have to say that seeing all the splendid varieties bloom and come to fruition is my favorite part.  Resplendent jewels.  What are some of our varieties?

Celebrity is the goodly standby and what we grow most.  Deep red, big and fleshy.  We also grow Romas, which are great with basil and mozzerella.  There are cherry tomatoes with names like Supersweet 100’s, Sun Cherry, and my favorite, Sun Gold.  Sun gold is yellow cherry tomato that is sweet but has a slight almost wine like after taste.

There are also heirlooms with alluring names like Cherokee Purple, which has a deep purple hue to their skin, Brandywine, and the exotic Moskavitch.  Before long, I’ll be harvesting them by the hundreds of pounds.

Come on in and try my tomatoes.  I’m always proud of them!

fresh tomatoes

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