Photo by Ethan Buchanan-ValentiOur strawberries are finally ripening after this chilly, rainy spring. So far, the harvest has been trickling in — on our first day, we only picked four pints. But, says Kat Monterosso of our farmstand crew, that trickle is growing stronger every day and will become a flood by the time our Strawberry Festival rolls around June 24. Last summer, we sold 6,000 pints of strawberries!

For now, your best bet at finding fresh Morning Glory Farm strawberries in stock at the farmstand is to come in first thing in the morning. They sell out almost as quickly as we can bring them in from the fields.

Our recipe for Strawberry Shortcake is a delicious way to celebrate the arrival of summer and red, ripe, sweet Martha’s Vineyard strawberries.

Photo by Ethan Buchanan-Valenti