The Farmily Photo

Here we are!  Almost all the staff from the Farmstand, Bakery, Kitchen, Herb Garden, Greenhouses, and Field Crew.

Sunny days in the hay field

Jim, Hillary, Serena, Stella taking a break before unloading the next truckload.

This is west tisbury cut grass hay being loaded into our approx 2000 bale barn in chilmark.  Most of our cattle reside in chilmark (and the dozen piglets seen at left) while also making use of one barn in west tisbury and two in edgartown to store a full winters worth of hay.  Not pictured are Daniel Athearn, Graham, Page, Jessie and the two other trucks, we put up 617 bales last night, with so many more to come.

Jim at work in west tisbury

Jim (Dad to me) at work on a hot and sunny July afternoon.  He is making his seventh and final 4mph trip around and around this 5 + acre field, now using our john deere baler and the international harvester hydro 84 tractor (hydrostatic drive).

meanwhile back at the ranch

Meanwhile back at the home farm…  Daniel and Julie transplant late tomatoes into the “house field’ (behind the little pond and by the peach orchard).  And no it’s not too late, we even have one more planting to go!  On the vineyard we are blessed with extremely long falls and late frosts. Daniel Athearn is in the tractor seat and is soon to join the hay effort in west tisbury.