morning glory farm family

The whole gang in a group photo in front of the new Morning Glory Farm Store.

The best growing season in years in flying along.  I have not posted in surprisingly long, I got so caught up in all the farming duties and moving into the new building I was unable to post, but alas I just grabbed a moment during a heavy summer thunderstorm to write a few notes.

This rain is all so welcome as we have been dry for a long time now and been working hard at irrigation.  Oh I can just feel all the plants breathing a sigh of relief.  The great spring weather allowed us to get our plantings in early or on time and then they seem to take off and we are now harvesting many things ahead of schedule.

Dad, Dan and I picked the first Sweet corn of the season today!  We picked 20 bushels of Sweet Chorus in West Tisbury on Uncle Lenord’s Farm.  It tastes so snappy and sweet, I have been eager for it to ripen all season.  We should have every day now for the foreseeable future.

We are now picking:

Sweet Corn, 9 varieties of lettuce, salad greens, boc choi, broccoli, zucchini and squashes, cucumbers, early peppers, greenhouse tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, garlic, fresh eggs, carrots, baby carrots, beets, swiss chard, 3 kinds of kale, collards, Shelling peas, green beans, slender young beans, yellow beans, snow peas, green onions, scallions, purple scallions, walla walla sweet onions, cut flower bouquets, red potatoes, Yukon potatoes, fingerling potatoes, blueberries, and loads of culinary herbs from arugula and cilantro to Parsley and basil to Radicchio and on

The crew is busy busy every day keeping up with the weeds and all the harvesting, the baking of pies and working the store, turning the veggies from the fields into soups, salads, muffins, and happy customers,  they are a fantastic group of people and we together can grow all this food, with out their passion and energy the farm would cease to exist.

Thanks for checking in…