Island Grown Recipe: Codfish Fritters

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Island Grown Recipe: Herbed Orzo

This simple recipe from the Island Grown Harvest of the Month program is provided in both the English and Brazilian Portuguese languages:

Farm Recipe: Asparagus Quiche

Chef’s note: Asparagus will be at its most flavorful in this dish if blanched, roasted or grilled first. 1 pie crust, uncooked (recipe »») 8 eggs 1/2 cup sour cream 1 cup milk 1 tsp. smooth Dijon mustard… Read More

Island Grown Recipe: Broiled Asparagus

Island Grown Recipe: Simple Fish Ceviche

Farm Recipe: Sweet Pea Pesto

Fresh peas give this delectable spread the flavor of springtime. Depending on what’s fresh, you can substitute mature, peppery arugula leaves, nutty sunflower sprouts, beet greens, cilantro or any number of different crops. For the cheese, pecorino romano is most… Read More

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