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Pie/Quiche orders taken until 10am Tuesday.
Everything else can be preordered until 9am Wednesday.

Pies and Side Dishes will be ready at 2pm Wednesday.
 Fresh Turkey orders ($3.50/lb) will be taken until Monday Nov. 19th

Morning Glory Farm Fresh Baked Pies

$14.95 for a 9” Pie.  Serves 6 to 8.

          Our own Pumpkin Pie                Apple Pie

          Apple-Cranberry Pie                  Blueberry Pie

          Blue-Cranberry Pie                    Pecan Pie $15.95

Harvest Pie – Apples, Cranberries, Raisins, Walnuts, Orange and spices

Quiche $14.95 Veggie, Mushroom/Scallion, Portobello, Ham & Cheese
Quick Breads $6.95

Cranberry or Cranberry-Walnut          Pumpkin – with our own pumpkin               

Banana              Zucchini

Carrot Nut         Date Nut $7.25

Butter Dinner Rolls = $3.95/pkg   (6/pkg)

Boston Baguettes from Ace Bakery = $3.25 ea

Morning Glory Sides 

Sold by the pint and quart; a pint is approximately 2-3 servings

Our fresh chicken broth $3.95pt / $6.95qt

Our own butternut squash puree; $5.95 / $11.95

Our own Roasted Pumpkin Soup; $4.95 /$9.95

Wild Rice with wheat berries, roasted pears & cranberries. $6.95/$13.95

Ready to cook Beans Almandine $6.95/lb

Cranberry-Orange Relish $6.95/ $12.95

Whole cranberry sauce $3.50/$7.00

Our Own Fresh Pumpkin Puree   $2.95pt

Cornbread Stuffing with farm raised ground sausage $5.95pt/$10.95qt
Stuffing without sausage $4.95pt/$9.95qt

Heat ‘n serve par cooked Acorn Squash with sage/pecan/cranberry butter.  $5.95/serves four

Morning Glory’s famous pickled beets $5.95 /$11.95
NEW: Artisan Cheese Platter and Seasonal Pate Platter; price yet to come 


Exceptions and special requests usually available, just ask!

Thank you for including our products at your Thanksgiving table!