Cold weather, snow and delayed concrete aside the masons poured the foundation this week and it looks great!

concrete forms all laid out

There are two general areas, the square closest to the camera is the area for root cellar in the basement and a walk in cooler on the floor level with two small offices on the second floor.  The area shaped like a rectangle further from the camera is the new store area on the first floor and wonderful dry storage in the basement.   This wall is an astonishing 12 feet high; although after adding a concrete floor and setting the floor joists there will be less than 10 foot head room.

pumping the concrete

We hired a concrete pump from the mainland to come over and pump the nearly 80 yards of material into the forms. It was a bright clear day, and only about 28 degrees.  Jim said concrete rules are the same as fishing for scallops 28 degrees and rising at dawn and they will make concrete.  Seven truckloads from Goodale’s came and unloaded into the pump truck and on into our new basement.

fair and square concrete forms

What it looks like after taking the forms off and painting the exterior walls with waterproofing.

morning glory farm

Backfilling around the foundation.

morning glory farm

DECA at work on morning glory farm store

DECA got right to work preparing for the post and beam company.  They have to build a floor (deck) across the foundation and here John is welding the first piece of steel beam into place.

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