We finally received the skin for the greenhouse we have been building and are ready to put it up.  It comes as 2-  36′ x 100′ sheets and we lay them both over the house attach them at the sides and end walls and blow a bubble of air between them to improve insulation.

Here is a few pics of the covering I thought I would share, thanks for visiting www.morninggloryfarm.com


Here is Dan and I (Simon) laying out the roll along the ridge, major arm burner up there.




Dad (Jim) Securing the end wall, and praying for not a gust of wind to rip it off before its attached.


Meeghan Athearn attaching the bottom rail clips.


They always look so big empty then you fill it up and it feels so crowded.
This house is just less than 2000 square feet.


Mom and Zeb come to inspect the progress, she will be wanting to plant seeds in here soon, too soon yikes!


Always  place your decorative horseshoes with the back (open part) facing up to catch your good fortunes.