Calling all autumn gardeners! There’s still time to grow lettuce and herbs for fresh fall dining, and you can get a head start with our three-for-two sale on healthy farm-grown plants.

A lettuce assortment for fresh fall salads

Along with lettuce plants from our greenhouse, we have basil, oregano, rosemary and parsley — both flat and frizzy — along with hyssop, apple mint and lemon balm. Come by the farmstand to make your selection and start growing fall greens and herbs — it’s fun, rewarding, tasty and good for you.

Apple mint adds a nice touch to fruit salad and makes a good infused white wine vinegar
Big, beautiful basil plants to go with our ripe fall tomatoes

This sale won’t last long and the days keep getting shorter, so we hope to see you soon.

Fresh oregano is also a hardy and sometimes insistent perennial, with purple flowers

We’re also carrying plants from other growers, including gorgeous mounding mums and ornamental brassicas. And of course, we have pumpkins, both plain and fancy!

One of the fancy ones