Instagram photo by Stephen Turner, sct01, used with his permission

We want to express our deep thanks to everyone who came to the Ag Hall in West Tisbury Saturday night for the Flat Point Farm benefit. It was a real success and the proceeds will go a long way toward restoring the Fischer family’s losses after their devastating barn fire last month.

The music was great, the food no less and donations were more than generous—but what really meant the most was seeing so many faces and even whole families from all parts of the Island, all coming together to support our fellow farmers.

It makes us feel both humble and very grateful to a be part of the Martha’s Vineyard community.

To all who took part—from the musicians and other volunteers who donated their time and the businesses who provided goods and services, to the just-plain-folks who brought dishes, bought tickets and joined in:

We’re proud to be your neighbors.

Read more about the benefit in the Vineyard Gazette and the Martha’s Vineyard Times: