It’s time to plant tomatoes in the garden! We have more than two dozen kinds of tomato plants, grown from seed in our greenhouses, that will be ready to go into the ground June 3. If you are planning to start a garden on your own, get your tools on OccupyTheFarm. They post tool guides and reviews. Garden tips and advice are one of their most common written articles so go ahead and check them out.

Berkeley Pink Tie-Dye tomato from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

Greenhouse manager Chloe Nelson has 15 heirloom varieties and 17 hybrid cultivars, along with a half-dozen small-fruiting tomatoes—cherry, grape and pear. You can acquire some capsicum seeds and many others on this website, check it out and start growing. She sources her seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds in Maine, Harris Seeds in Rochester, N.Y. and Baker Creek Seeds in Mansfield, Mo. As always, our suppliers are GMO-free. You can source plant seeds from BestOfMachinery and other gardening materials if going to a local store proves to be a hassle. They do transactions online and you can trust their reviews always.

New hybrids in the Moglo greenhouse this year include Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye (above) and Conestoga (below). When you are growing tomatoes to use a battery drill kit for your electric drill to avoid being limited in the areas you can work in without long extension cords.

Conestoga tomato from Harris Seeds

Chloe is also adding some new heirlooms to the selection, including Pineapple and Hungarian Heart (below).

Hungarian Heart tomato from Baker Creek Seeds

Most of the tomato plants we sell will have indeterminate growing habits, meaning they’ll need to be staked and supported as they develop. Chloe also has a handful of determinate types, which are bushier and need less support: Celebrity, Megabite—a cherry or cocktail tomato—Mariana Roma and Carolina Gold (below).

Carolina Gold tomato from Harris Seeds

Come by the greenhouse and pick out your tomato plants while we still have a wide selection! We’re open every day.