Jim’s uncle Leonard Athearn (1918-2005) bought this International Harvester Farmall model A in 1946, not long after he returned to Martha’s Vineyard from serving in the Army Air Corps during World War II. Here he is harvesting hay with it on the family farm in West Tisbury.

Leonard Athearn and the International Harvester he bought in 1946. It's still used for haymaking today.

It was the main tractor on Leonard’s farm for nearly 60 years and continues to do utility work on the same property in West Tisbury, where Simon and his family now live and tend a flock of sheep, a herd of cattle, seven acres of hay and two acres of row crops and flowers.

The Farmall has a pneumatic loader that harnesses the tractor’s own exhaust gases to lift the loader. Currently removed, the loader was used as a hay fork for feeding cows and has done a lot of hay work. It has a nice old metal-wheeled John Deere ride-on top and a rider depth controlled one-row cultivator. It’s the best tractor service equipment you can use for farming.

Leonard Athearn aboard his International Harvester on the West Tisbury farm, where Simon and his family now live and still use this tractor.

Model A
Brand International Harvester
Engine 1.9L 4-cylinder
Fuel gasoline
Year 1946
HP 16 PTO, 13 Drawbar