Wow things seem to be moving so fast down here at Morning Glory.  Farming activities continue ahead of schedule, the perennials, asparagus, fruit trees, strawberries may be as much as 2 weeks ahead this season.  Lilly Walter is back on the farm and has taken over the field crew chief job; organizing each days planting/weeding/watering/and harvest.  The asparagus has been growing very well, and we expect over 100lbs each day this week,  Look for it in Cronigs, Alleys, Middletown Nursery, and many island restaurants; such as Letoile, State Road, Zephrus, Blue Canoe, and others.

The store addition is moving fast, the builders built a roof on Tuesday and by Wednesday night it had been wired with lights, and shingled!  A quick count of the workmen/women at the farm this week was 44!  DECA had 4 carpenters and 2 parking lot builders, Jonas Cavallo from Workshops and Sons had 3-4 men working at shingling the roof, Craig Willett and Cielio were running electric, Judy Klumick and Taz Armstrong were painting the huge basement walls, 2 men from the cooler wall installation team were putting up our new walk in cooler, Alex and Tim were here from Alexander and Dyke fitting refrigerant lines.  Sam was up on the roof breaking back shingles and fitting the two buildings together and redying the new stairs that were installed this week.  Galley Plumbing was in to run piping to the upstairs office/break room.  And all the while Gary Harcourt had up to 6 men working at the base for the windmill.  Rebbecca had her crew of 6 in the greenhouse selling and planting.  And Lilly had 11 farmhands getting crops in the ground.  It feels like and orchestra all playing along to the baton of Jim and Jim (Glavin and Athearn)

Thanks for checking in, more info to come I have become very busy with all going on this week but will update again soon.  All is very close to on track for our May 28th opening!  Please come down and check it out.

Morning Glory Farm

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